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Nick Ramirez

A few months ago, l was contacted by the people over at Fishkoolsports to try some different varieties of their fishing line products. I have to say after several weeks of intense testing in the toughest conditions you can put a line through here in south Florida, I’ve really been impressed with their fishing line. I tested their braided line in a 65lb test. fluorocarbon line in the 15lb test and the Monofilament line in the 12lb test.

I fished a range of different conditions, and tournaments, and ran several guide trips where my clients used only the Fishkoolsports line. All three-line varieties performed flawlessly. I was really impressed with the braid specifically for its small line diameter even in the 65lb test variety. The cast-ability of the braid was fantastic as well as the knot strength and line durability in really tough weather and heavy cover environments. The same spool of Braided line held up over weeks of use even using flipping techniques in heaver cover without ever having one line break.

I have used several well-known name-brand products that didn’t perform this way in these conditions. I would highly commend and recommend Fishkoolsports to my clients.