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Easy and Fun Fishing Experience

Fishkoolsport is a specialty fishing products company with over 20 years of experience in the fishing tackle, we offer a one-stop solution.
Our mission is to help make fishing an enjoyable experience for both adults and children.

Expert Teams

With 17 years of import export experience and most of our team members having over 20 years of experience in the fishing industry, we can fulfill all your fishing equipment needs.

One-stop solution

Sourcing, development, designing labels and packaging (free of charge), determining the right payment method, arranging cost-effective logistics (door-to-door for small businesses), and more.

Affordable Rates

Delivering an enjoyable fishing experience to commercial and recreational anglers through our value-for-money quality fishing products.

Range of Products

Mūsu produktu klāsts ietver zvejas tīklus, makšķeres, makšķerēšanas spoles, makšķerēšanas auklas, makšķerēšanas āķus, mākslīgās ēsmas, bridējputnus, izkraušanas tīklus, kajakus, pludiņus un dzīvības glābšanas ierīces utt.

Only The Best Fishing Teams

Here at Fishkoolsports we handpick only the best qualified, expert, and friendly fishing products for you.
Specializing in honesty, openness and effectiveness, preventing problems in advance and providing a reliable and efficient supply of all products, accessories and services.

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fishing team members -BRAD BOOTH



fishing team members -NICK RAMIREZ



Don’t just take our word for it


“Fishkoolsports understands the needs of wholesalers like us. Their 20+ years in the industry show in the quality of fishing products they offer. The easy maintenance and full functionality of their items make our inventory management smooth. It's a pleasure doing B2B business with a supplier that values sustainability and a shared vision for the future.“

Elena. Wholesaler in Southeast Asia

“Fishkoolsports has revolutionized my business! As a 58-year-old importing fishing products from China, I've found the perfect supplier. Their fishing lines, rods, and reels are top-notch. The quality inspection and certifications ensure every product meets my standards. No more delays or communication issues - Fishkoolsports is my go-to for a seamless experience!”

Adilo.USA Fishing Store Owner

“Fishkoolsports has been our primary supplier for years. Their products fly off our shelves, thanks to their commitment to excellence. The promotional channels they use, including exhibitions and Shopify, have significantly boosted our sales. We appreciate their dedication to providing an enjoyable fishing experience for our customers.”

Finn. Australian Fishing Store Owner
Distance learning never been so easy!

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fishkoolsports logotips

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