Landing net-Square Sliding Net

Easy Fold Square Sliding Net Rubber Coated 3-D Net Bag, Super Strong, Collapsible Telescopic Pole Handle


Product Details:

  • 【New stunning design】 bright color neoprene foam wrapped around the hoop and stitched color mesh will surely look good in your pictures, make you be attracted by it immediately.
  • 【Full floating designed】specially designed for wading fishermen,high-density neoprene foam wrapped the hoop provides sufficient buoyancy to make it float when fully expanded , so you’ll never have to worry about the net dropped into water and lose it!
  • 【Rubber coating 3-D net】The rubber coating 3-D net is hook/snag free and fish-friendly. The unique longitudinal mesh bag structure make you catch and release the fish easily. Waterproof coating can also make the mesh bag non-absorbent and odorless.
  • 【Giant Expert】The huge net bag can easily hold large fish, and the handle design makes the operation more labor-saving.
  • 【Durable use in multiple scenes】 The net is great use on any boat, kayak, any pond, stream, river or ocean and keep it work well.
  • 【Easy for Storage】Foldable Fishing Net and Telescopic pole make it convenient to carry and transport


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